Glenfield Primary School is a well-established school with strong community engagement. Ethnic events and curriculum communication evenings are calendared each year depending on the current focus. We have open learning environments that welcome community involvement. We encourage strong learning, focused links with families and welcome regular feedback.

Through our school newsletter, assemblies, classroom blogs, google docs and our website we promote academic, sporting and cultural programmes and share our achievements and celebrate our successes. Our curriculum evenings provide our community with programme direction and reports on student achievement that is student directed and led. We have built a stable and loyal staff who are dedicated and share the vision of Glenfield Primary School. They demonstrate a personal commitment to life-long learning, on-going development and are engaged in structured professional learning opportunities which support our strategic plan. Several members of the Board of Trustees are on their second cycle of trusteeship. This provides continuity and a clear direction for the school.

A high level of transience in the area creates the need for on-going induction and programmes that are responsive to the changing needs of our students.

Our vision is to build a community growing successful learners, through the development of co-operative learning environments using inquiry based learning programmes across all learning areas. We provide connected, meaningful, learning experiences for students and utilise assessment data to identify learning needs of individual students. Our school’s curriculum is unique and responsive to what our community feels is important and desirable for students to learn. A regular and ongoing cycle of review is conducted. The curriculum principles are the foundation of curriculum decision making and are used for planning, prioritising and reviewing the school’s curriculum.

All Glenfield Primary School classrooms are fully digitally active. Teachers use ICT to underpin the learning of their students and integrated programmes cater for our 21st century learners.